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Jack Shaft

A garage jack shaft opener is a type of garage door opener system that operates using a motor mounted on the side of the garage door, rather than on the ceiling.

Overall, a garage jack shaft opener offers a compact, space-saving design and quiet operation, making it a practical and convenient solution for homeowners seeking reliable and efficient operation for their garage doors.


  • The jack shaft opener consists of a motor unit, typically mounted on the wall beside the garage door, instead of the traditional ceiling-mounted position.
  • The motor unit contains a powerful electric motor, gears, and other components necessary to operate the garage door.
  • A drive shaft extends from the motor unit to the torsion bar of the garage door, transmitting power from the motor to the door.


  • When activated, the electric motor turns the drive shaft, which rotates the torsion bar, causing the garage door to open or close.
  • The motor unit is controlled by a wall-mounted control panel or remote transmitter, allowing users to operate the garage door from inside or outside the garage.
  • Jack shaft openers are known for their compact design and quiet operation, making them suitable for garages with limited ceiling space or where noise may be a concern.


  • Space-saving design: Jack shaft openers are mounted on the wall beside the garage door, freeing up overhead space in the garage for storage or other purposes.
  • Quiet operation: The motor unit of a jack shaft opener is typically located away from the living spaces above the garage, resulting in quieter operation compared to traditional garage door openers.
  • Versatility: Jack shaft openers are suitable for a wide range of garage door sizes and types, including single and double doors, sectional doors, and one-piece doors.
  • High lift capability: Jack shaft openers are capable of lifting heavy garage doors with high lift tracks, making them suitable for homes with large or oversized doors.


  • Residential homes: Jack shaft openers are commonly used in residential applications, providing homeowners with a space-saving and quiet operation for their garage doors.
  • Homes with limited ceiling space: The compact design of jack shaft openers makes them ideal for garages with low ceilings or where overhead storage is a priority.
  • Homes with living spaces above the garage: The quiet operation of jack shaft openers makes them suitable for homes where noise from the garage door opener may disturb occupants in nearby living spaces.

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